TÜBİTAK project of Asst. Prof. Dr. Hümeyra Taşkent Sezgin of Genetics and Bioengineering on Developing an HIV Diagnostic Test is accepted
HIV is a retrovirus that infected almost 37 million people worldwide. With current treatments it is impossible to completely cure HIV infected individuals. The best way to prevent spreading the virus is to make diagnostic test easily accessible, offer the test to anyone willing to get tested, and making people aware of the ways to prevent infection. This project involves developing a novel, highly sensitive and specific HIV diagnostic test.

Collaboration Between Izmir University of Economics and Imperial College London

Our Genetics and Bioenginnering Department aims to implement cancer genetics applications fed by visions that are new to Turkey. We also aim to establish strong links between well-known academic institutions and our university. In line with this, our new academic member Asst. Prof. Dr. Cihangir Yandım has been awarded with TUBITAK’s Welcome Research Fund, with which he will investigate the cancer links of intergenic DNA regions (also known as “junk” DNA) and develop novel therapeutic strategies based on this phenomenon.

He will run this project in the TESLA Laboratories of our university and will as well be in academic collaboration with pioneer cancer scientists in Izmir and experts at Imperial College London; a top-tier research institution continuously ranked within top 10 universities in the world.

Dr. Yandım had been conducting his research at the Institute of Cancer Research in London before he joined our faculty and he is still an honorary scientific associate at Imperial College London.